Get a taste of what took place this year by listening to interviews from event speakers and organisers.

CSP professional adviser Birgit Mueller-Winkler interviewed a number of ER-WCPT Congress keynote speakers and organisers during her trip to the WCPT Congress last year. Hear what they had to say:

Michael Brennan

Canadian Physiotherapy Association CEO Michael Brennan will be giving this year's Founders Lecture and talks about health economy and the value of physiotherapy:

Professor Kari Bø

Head of Norwegian School of Sports Sciences Professor Kari Bø, who is also a winner of the prestigious Mildred Elson Award, reflects on education, research, practice and the need to influence policy:

Dr Jackie Waterfield

Chair of the ER-WCPT Scientific Committee Dr Jackie Waterfield gives you an idea of what you can expect at the ER-WCPT Congress itself:

Dr Helena Johnson

ER-WCPT Education Working Group representative Dr Helena Johnson, who is also a former CSP chair and experienced session moderator, gives tips on chairing sessions at an international congress: