British School of Osteopathy (BSO)

The BSO is the largest and the oldest osteopathic school in the UK, founded in 1917 to provide undergraduate and postgraduate osteopathy training. We are respected throughout the world for providing excellence in health care, education and research.

MSc Osteopathy (Pre-registration):

We have devised a new fast-track MSc specifically designed for those who are qualified in medicine, sports therapy, chiropractic or physiotherapy but want to expand their competency profile in the area of musculoskeletal care.

By popular demand this 2 year course was created to aid those who desired to become dual proficient and competent therapists with a particular interest in enhancing their manual therapy skills to qualify in osteopathy. Upon completion of this course you can register with the General Osteopathic council.

The course focuses heavily on clinical practice and techniques and contains over 1,000 hours of clinical tuition in addition to modules on osteopathic theories and philosophies.

We have the largest osteopathic clinic in Europe based in a state-of-the-art, fully accessible clinical centre. 

The clinic is open to the public and patients can receive subsidised treatment.  

Patients with specific needs can seek treatment at one of our specialist clinics:

020 7089 5316