Centre for Health & Rehabilitation Technologies (CHaRT) University of Ulster

Our Aims

The aims of ChaRT are to conduct world-leading multidisciplinary translational research that underpins evidence based practice, centred on the physical needs of people with chronic conditions, in order to improve health and wellbeing; and to transfer this knowledge to key stakeholders in order to directly impact on healthcare policy and practice.

Our Focus

The main focus is exploring the effects of non-pharmacological interventions to manage chronic physical problems either as a direct result of a condition or as a consequence of treatment; and the development of tools to assess and measure the effects on health and well-being. As well as dealing with the primary physical problem, research within CHaRT also focuses on the role of AHPs in secondary health promotion through research-informed patient education (e.g. changing patient behaviour), in order to enhance self-management, improve quality of life, and reduce the need for healthcare resources for the primary complaint, and any associated future comorbidity. This is achieved through the conduct of high quality strategic and applied research using the MRC framework for complex interventions and a combination of quantitative (e.g. surveys, systematic reviews, clinical trials and economic evaluations) and qualitative (interviews, focus groups) methods, as appropriate.

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