·         Natural pain relief cream for joints and muscles

·         Contains Arnica, Calendular, St John's Wort and Peppermint

·         Effective, potent and therapeutic with anti-inflammatory properties

·         Treats, tendonitis, strained muscles, bruising, sprains and other injuries

·         Fisiocrem can be useful during all stages of rehabilitation therapy of muscles and joints


Fisiocrem is the natural solution for muscle and joint pain.


Fisiocrem quickly soothes the pain and inflammation of common injuries, sprains and strains.


Fisiocrem aids the circulation and offer relief for rheumatism, arthritis and venous congestion. It is a completely natural product that can be used in conjunction with pharmaceutical medicine and other physiotherapeutic treatments.

Fisiocrem is suitable for anyone to use – athletes, children, elderly, pregnant and breast feeding mothers. The easy to use and quick working effects make it compatible with your everyday life.