GymnaUniphy NV

Gymna is one of leading suppliers of investment goods in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. We focus on delivering the highest quality and innovative products with added value for its users.

At Gymna, we define innovation as the improvement in technology, or increased ease of use of a product or service. We have defined four core values which are fundamental to our products and services:

  1. Top quality
  2. Intelligence
  3. Ease-of-use
  4. Desirability

We develop our products in close cooperation with product specialists (both internal and external), knowledge institutes, users, distributors and strategic partners. 

Top quality: outstanding quality throughout all levels of the company.

Intelligence: our products are developed by, and in collaboration with physiotherapists and knowledge institutes, so our products can better facilitate the therapeutic process. This intelligence is reflected in the design of both our software and hardware.

Ease-of-use: an essential requirement in the development of each product developed by Gymna. This means that our devices are equipped with intelligent, intuitive software and have improved ergonomics and industrial design.

Desirability: our devices are characterised by their popularity among end-users. Gymna expects that, within physiotherapy, more attention will be given to design. Because patients will increasingly be regarded as customers, the environment and design of the practice will become more important. By choosing our products, therapists can treat their patients with the most modern equipment. This will add to the therapist’s professional appearance to customers, insurers and other stakeholders.

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