MIRA Rehab

MIRA Rehab (www.mirarehab.com) is a company with the mission to Motivate people to get better in a faster, easy and fun way. The company has built a medical software platform named MIRA to enhance physiotherapy treatment by gamifying rehabilitation exercises using clinically built video-games. MIRA can be used both in the clinic and at home, where clinicians can monitor the patients remotely. MIRA helps patients perform the right exercises, gives them incentives to progress and monitors compliance and efficacy of the Exergames performed, to obtain faster recovery times. For therapists, MIRA offers a patient management dashboard for prescribing Exergames programmes and tracking adherence, progress and patient symptoms such as pain or fatigue. Our system is being used in 25 institutions globally and is used for a variety of conditions with patients of all ages. The system runs on a PC, using Microsoft Kinect for patient interaction with the Exergames.  

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