“…building digital products that improve people’s lives”

At the heart of our varied digital products is personalised content and tools that change individual behaviour and improve individual performance. It helps students learn, teachers teach and patients manage their conditions better.

We developed Squeezy, a pelvic floor muscle exercise app, with NHS physiotherapists to help educate users on bladder, bowel and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. It reminds and supports a personalised exercise schedule. It also advises on how and when to seek treatment and is designed to promote a positive attitude to discussing and sharing the topic.

We are currently developing a long-term condition management platform which will allow users to build a personalised “Living with…” application. The aim is to increase user engagement with healthcare goals and activities, improving outcomes and reducing costs.

Propagator also works with clients outside of healthcare, publishing, insurance, retail, banking and archives, developing content commercialisation platforms and turning content into interactive digital products that help companies drive two way engagement with customers.

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