Rushcliff Ltd

Rushcliff Ltd

Rushcliff Ltd is a private limited company owned by the two original founders and its current directors. The company was founded in 1997.

Prior to this the company traded as a partnership for two years, and before this the two founders had worked closely as independent software consultants for a number of years.

We specialise in the development of database applications software and work in a key number of corporate and private market areas.

Rushcliff Ltd is a dynamic, enthusiastic company that thrives on customer service.

Roles within the company are divided into Sales, Training, Support and Development. All development, marketing and strategic work (including this web site) is undertaken in house.


Private Practice Software

Private Practice Software (PPS) is our flagship product. It is a Patient and Practice Administration software package and is developed and owned entirely by Rushcliff Ltd.

Prior to the development of PPS, we initially developed the Chiropody Practice Management System (CPMS) in 1995. After a small degree of success we decided to broaden horizons and develop a package for a wider range of disciplines. The development of PPS started in 1996.

PPS was first released in 1997. Since this date PPS has gone from strength to strength to a position now of being strong UK leaders in its market.

Part of our strength is our approach to software development. We will always listen to your ideas and do our best to incorporate these ideas into new releases of PPS. This means that there have been 6 major new versions of PPS and hundreds of new releases since 1997.

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