Urban Poling

The ACTIVATOR Poles (patent pending) are highly specialized walking poles developed at Urban Poling Inc. by a Canadian occupational therapist with input from leading physiotherapists.  Due to significant benefits including; improved posture, core strength, walking tolerance, gait speed, balance and normalizing gait patterns, the ACTIVATOR poles & technique are being used across Canada and now in Ireland & the UK instead of canes, crutches and walkers.  There are over 187 studies on the benefits of walking poles listed on PubMed. 

While the ACTIVATOR poles and technique are based on the concept of walking poles, the design and the technique were significantly re-engineered with 8 features for safety and stability for rehabilitation and those with chronic conditions.   The ACTIVATOR technique was found to provide significant off-loading in a study by Bechard (2015) at University of Western Ontario. 

Urban Poling Inc. has also developed extensive training programs on how to use the ACTIVATOR poles for specific conditions including; Pre/Post Hip and Knee Surgery, Parkinson’s, MS, CVA, Spinal Injuries, Diabetes, factors related to Fall Prevention, Cancer and Cardiac rehabilitation.  Urban Poling is launching in the UK and is accepting requests for Trial programs for hospitals, rehab centres, physio clinics and community care centres to trial the ACTIVATOR poles for 6 months and have access to training (there is no charge for this program).

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