See some of the speakers who will be sharing their knowledge at ER-WCPT 2016.

Michael Brennan

Michael Brennan

Michael Brennan is the CEO of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, representing 13,000 physiotherapists and assistants across Canada. Mr. Brennan brings 25 years in association management and health policy to the leadership of Canada’s largest rehabilitation association.

Other duties include Board Director of the Canadian Institute of Military and Veterans Health Research, lecturer at the Queens University Monieson Centre for Business Research in Healthcare, and Co-chair of the Health Action Lobby group comprising 40 of Canada’s health associations and patient advocacy groups.

Mr. Brennan holds a Masters degree in Economics from the University of Ottawa. He previously served as the Executive Director of the Canadian Technology Human Resources Board, and Director of Standards and Accreditation for the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists.
He has published articles on health economics, the role of associations in generating social capital, and responsible lobbying. He lives in the national capital with his wife Sandy, a physiotherapist, and two children, Talia and Joe. An avid sportsman, Mr. Brennan is head coach of the Kanata Knights Mosquito (American) Football team. He enjoys running, curling, skiing and golf.

Dr Emma Stokes

Dr Emma StokesEmma Stokes BSc (Physio), MSc (research), MSc Mgmt, Phd is an associate professor in physiotherapy and a fellow of Trinity College Dublin where she teaches on the entry to practice programmes in Dublin and Singapore.

The focus of her research and teaching is professional practice issues that builds on her work with professional, regulatory and charitable organisations of which she is an active board member.

She is the Minister for Health's nominee for physiotherapy to the Health & Social Care Professions Council & Physiotherapists Registration Board in Ireland. She has recently been elected president of WCPT.

Professor Kari Bø

Kari BoProfessor Kari Bø is elected rector (head) of the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences in Oslo for 2013-2017. She is the first vice president of the International Organization of Physical Therapists in Women's Health, WCPT 1999-2007, and has been the vice president of the Norwegian Council for Physical Activity for eight years, giving direct advice to the Norwegian Minister of Health on physical activity, fitness and health.

Kari has been the vice president of the Norwegian Physiotherapy Association subgroup for Sport Physiotherapy 2003-2007 and a board member of "The pelvic floor Center" at Akershus University Hospital, Norway.

Professor Bø has published more than 200 scientific papers on pelvic floor dysfunction, treatment of incontinence and low back pain, measurement methodology, fitness and women's health. She has been a visiting fellow to Stanford University, USA, and a guest professor at the University of Dunedin, New Zealand, University of Melbourne, Australia, and the Ministry of Health, Singapore.

Brian Caulfield

Brian CaulfieldFrom Lab to Life Sensing: Brian's early research career focussed on laboratory-based evaluation of human performance in health and sport, with particular emphasis on understanding the neurophysiological contributions to repeated musculoskeletal injuries in sport. He has gradually shifted my research focus away from laboratory-based analysis towards into the field, home and community where contextual relevance is significantly enhanced. His work with wearable and mobile sensing measurement/intervention applications opens up a new vista for human performance evaluation and enhancement across the spectrum from elite sport to chronic disease. To achieve this he has developed cross cutting collaborations with researchers in Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering across the globe.

He is one of 6 Directors of INSIGHT, Ireland's €85m Data Analytics Research Centre, and the leader of its Connected Health programme. He is also lead investigator with the Connected Health Technology Centre - ARCH, is Chair of the European Network for the Joint Evaluation of Connected Health Technology and is Dean of Physiotherapy at UCD.