Read about the five themes selected for 2016 ER-WCPT Congress:

Policy, Strategy and influencing

The European community offers both challenges and opportunities for advancing physiotherapy. This theme aims to bring about a greater understanding of physiotherapy across Europe and how diversity, equivalence, harmonisation and collaboration are of value for the profession.

Additionally this theme explores how physiotherapy can promote itself and influence policy on a regional, national and European level.

Research, Education and Practice

Researchers, educators and clinicians maybe regarded as separate groups of practitioners in physiotherapy, with perceived boundaries of practice and with individuals having to choose where they best fit. This theme aims to explore the potential for a more symbiotic relationship between all of these areas of physiotherapy to be both innovative and maximise the impact on practice.

Practice in a Digital Age

Technology plays a significant role in daily life. This theme aims to explore new innovations as well as the opportunities and challenges posed by using technology both in teaching and in physiotherapy and healthcare practice.

Responding to changing Population Needs

The world of health and practice continues to evolve rapidly and physiotherapy needs to adapt and develop for the future to remain a viable contributor to health and wellbeing in the face of competition from other groups. This theme offers an opportunity to consider how physiotherapy can impact on, and enhance, the population’s health and wellbeing.

Public Health, Prevention and Social Care

Physiotherapy has an important role to play in public health, health promotion and social care. This role occurs in a context of changing population demographics and growth with competing demands on resources. This theme aims to explore how physiotherapy can contribute to the health priorities that confront society at regional, national and European levels.